WOW! Rendezvous #9 Goes Off Like a Rocket…
Great weather! Giant Fundraising! Huge Fun!


You all came with your enthusiasm, psyche, iq options patience, manners and sense of fun. You made it easy! We’re already looking forward to #10!


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Extra Special Thanks to…

We believe the most important words spoken at the event came from Maria Gunnoe who spoke about mountaintop removal.  She said that coal is all of our problem and we must all get involved. Take her words to heart, we need you in this fight!  Ideas for action here.

Thank you Maria for coming and sharing your experience. Thank you for working tirelessly for all of us. Thank you for not giving up. No one can tell it like it is the way you do.

Thanks to Devaki Murch for bringing us the idea for this program.

Thanks to Levi Rose for expanding on it and bringing it to fruition. Well done.

Thanks to insurancequote.deals too, you guys are the best.

Special Thanks to…

National Park Service. Thank you for engaging with us in this unique and worthwhile partnership. We have a lot to be proud of.

All of our sponsors.
This event starts with you guys. Once again you outdid yourselves with fresh, fun ideas. We feel your support.

All of our participants.
We are nine years into this thing and we have yet to deal with one single belligerent person. Believe it! You guys are amazing and you are the reason we keep going.

All of our volunteers.
We did not earn the reputation for being the best run climbing event in the country by accident. Our committed core group of volunteers gets it done year after year.We cannot possibly thank you enough.

All of our athletes.
Thanks for all the help with the clinics. This continues to be one of the most popular parts of the event and we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for your enthusiasm, humor and support!

Kris Odub Hampton. Best M.C. in the business. We love how you do what you do.

Megan Stark and Jessica Stephens. The hardest job at this event is scheduling volunteers. Once again you aced it with style, humor and a ton of patience. Please tell us you are in again next year!

Kristy Rodrigue and Peilee Ren for hosting the Thursday night dinne and perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the weekend. Here is to the Big Pig!

Clowny and Ticklemonster (Brooks and Jeff) Your aerial battle was everything the Rendezvous is about: wacky, unexpected, fun and larger than life. Your performance was a treat. How are you going to top that?

Elissa Colley Williams. Your Access Fund Birthday Cake was amazing and inspired.

Ken Lynch & Nate Harrold at the Bridge Brew iq option new zealand Works. We are lucky to have a terrific brewery here and even luckier they sponsor our event. Owner Ken was behind the bar a good bit of the time helping out–over and above the call of duty!

Julie Wingard and Rosalie McCauley for re-inventing the No-Booze Bar with so much flair and creativity. It’s no wonder the lines were so long this year.

Mara Petretich, Harriet Vincent and Cherise Goode for taking over Dessertapalooza and continuing the tradition of decadent excess. Perfect job ladies! Double lines are the answer.

Stella Mascari for her steady support and unwavering focus on making this event work even better. Be careful next year, we may just put you in charge…

Rush and Bonnie for putting up with Beer Tent mayhem for hours.

Donnie Doolittle and Little Bull Lee for bringing their terrific set to the Friday program. Loved it!

Jonathan Thesenga for coming up with the Patagonia Arm Wrestling Contest and pulling it off. Nothing like winging it! And, damn, are you are funny…

Beaver Theodasakis, owner of prAna, for listening, coaching, supporting and above all, inspiring.

Chris Sharma for facing a never ending line of fans with a smile and a genuine welcome for each. You are a hell of a good person.

Tim Herculson for giving us more banners. Problem Child my ass…

Drew Stanley for another gorgeous mirror.

Gino Filippini for more amazing mango salsa

Tim Keenan, DJ Mon Voyage Neon, for blowing up the Friday night dance scene. Nobody was more fun to watch than you. Thanks for coming back and showing us your big city chops.

The Alan Golbetter Team for volunteering with such…panache. We are gonna put you guys in charge!

Alex Buisse, French photographer, for adding an international feel and generously offering to put on a clinic.

Jay Young and Karen Domzalski for creating such an entertaining and fun Thursday night program. Next year, karaoke!

Jeremy Collins for his amazing artistic talents, winning the Vous 2012 Logo Design Contest. His work will grace the 10th Annual Event promotions next year!

Jon St. John, NRAC board member, for whipping up that super-cool event app for smartphones and for driving the NRAC branding initiative to its successful conclusion. We did it! We are going to miss you guys.

New Things for Vous #9

  1. Vote for the winner of the Mt. Hardwear Logo Design Contest!
  2. Power Rally: The Last Mountain movie preview
  3. Run Like Hell Trail Race by La Sportiva
  4. Petzl Espresso Cafe
  5. Free Rendezvous App from ClimbingWeather.com
  6. Access Fund 20th Birthday Party
  7. Mountain Khakis Wheel of Pants!
  8. Online Climbing Comp Pre-Registration through Active.com
  9. Little Bull Lee Accoustic for the first time!
  10. Dead Point presents DJ Mon Voyage Neon spinning Friday night
  11. Scarpa Beat, Broke and Busted Rock Boots Contest
  12. Big, Bad Balloon Launch by Dead Point Mag
  13. Crouching Clowny, Hidden Monster
  14. Metolius presents Go Big or Go Pro helmet cam drawing
  15. Sterling rope recycling program continues!
  16. Osprey presents Got the Gas Pump Blues? Carpooling Raffle
  17. AAC Rad Lib Contest!

What did the New River Alliance of Climbers Accomplish in 2010?

  • Installed two informational kiosks and split-rail fencing at Bubba City parking lots.
  • Rebuilt the stone steps that access the top Bridge Buttress.
  • Built mega-stairs to improve access to the Junkyard Wall.
  • Re-routed trail at the base of the Junkyard Wall.
  • Secured permanent access to Bubba.
  • Partnered with the American Alpine Club to find and buy land for future campground.

150_junkyard_afterWhat are the New River Alliance of Climbers’ projects for 2011?

  • Restore Butchers Branch trail and save the hemlocks from invasives.
  • Secure access at popular Summersville Lake and Meadow River crags.
  • Improve access trail to Whippoorwill.
  • Support efforts to design and build American Alpine Club campground.
  • Continue to replace old anchors.


The Rendezvous is the annual fundraising gig for the New River Alliance of Climbers. It’s a fun and friendly three-day celebration of climbers, climbing and the New River Gorge. Gather with friends, relax, compete, play, laugh and climb here in the laid back atmosphere of Southern West Virginia–America’s best kept secret! The program includes:

  • Dessertapalooza
  • Slide shows
  • Stretch and Stroll Breakfast
  • Climbing and Bouldering Comps
  • Dinner
  • Dyno Comp
  • Sumo Pad Wrestling
  • Slacklining
  • Dance Party
  • Midnight Snack
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Clinics galore
  • Camping at Burnwood–the best event venue ever!


We have structured this event for maximum participation. Obviously, we want you to show up, but that ain’t enough. We are convinced you’ll have even more fun if you jump in with both feet. Sign up for a clinic, sumo wrestle, dominate the dyno comp, do something silly to win some Darn Tough socks. So what if you aren’t some hardbody, high number rad climber—compete anyway. Our Climbing Comp has a Top Rope division, for crying out loud! Compete and you will climb better. We guarantee it. Plus, it is the only sure way to get an event shirt!


Because the New River Alliance of Climbers needed to generate an operating budget and East login iq option Coast climbers needed a gathering to rival what the West was offering. But it is one thing to have a reason for an event and another to have the wherewithal to pull it off. The New River Gorge provided three critical components for making the Rendezvous happen:

  • A central location with amazing rock to make it easy to attract large numbers
  • A strong climbing shop, Water Stone Outdoors, with industry ties to help gather event sponsors
  • A capable, cohesive, friendly climbing community able to make it happen