Why does the New River Alliance of Climbers throw this raging party?

NRAC’s main source of fundraising is the annual New River Rendezvous (NRR), a celebration of climbing in the region that draws more than a thousand climbers every year, rain or shine. For more info on where your registration fee goes, read on below or check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

What is the Rendezvous all about?

The ‘Vous is about as grassy as roots can get. Organized, staffed and run entirely by volunteers, the NRR has sponsors literally lined up to be part of the action. Its earliest history, however, is a little less than auspicious. It was NRAC pioneer, Blaze Davies, who first realized that the earliest NRAC fundraisers conformed to a doomed model. Those one-evening events in which we fed and beered people then sedated them with a slide show was guaranteed to leave them more sleepy than psyched. Blaze’s idea was to extend the event to multiple days and separate the slide shows from the real party. That first “Eastern Climber Rendezvous” occurred in May of 2002, and despite the legendary amounts of rainfall that weekend, it was a rip-roaring success. People still talk about it in reverent tones! Eventually, we changed the name to the New River Rendezvous.
Now in its ninth year, the NRR is going strong. We still have food, beer and slideshows, but we also have the rockinest funkadelic dance party your booty ever shook to, a bevy of outdoor climbing competitions with cash prizes (including the nation’s only trad-climbing comp), clinics hosted by the best and brightest in the field and a host of other attractions. We have expanded the ‘Vous to four days (Thursday-Sunday). Our model resonated within the climbing industry and as we speak, sponsors are competing to join in the fun. And while, yes, there are other climber rendezvous out there, ours is still the grassrootiest and least expensive to attend. We limit our numbers to keep it cozy and sane, so don’t wait to register.

The New River Rendezvous reflects everything that is best in the climbing community – service, volunteerism, adventure and party-like-a-rock star spirit.

What did the New River Alliance of Climbers Accomplish in 2010?

–Installed two informational kiosks and split-rail fencing at Bubba City parking lots.
–Rebuilt the stone steps that access the top Bridge Buttress.
–Built mega-stairs to improve access to the Junkyard Wall.
–Re-routed trail at the base of the Junkyard Wall.
–Secured permanent access to Bubba.
-Partnered with the American Alpine Club to find and buy land for future campground.

150_junkyard_afterWhat are the New River Alliance of Climbers’ projects for 2011?

–Restore Butchers Branch trail and save the hemlocks from invasives.
–Secure access at popular Summersville Lake and Meadow River crags.
–Improve access trail to Whippoorwill.
–Support efforts to design and build American Alpine Club campground.
–Continue to replace old anchors.

Your Rendezvous registration fee directly supports these and many other ongoing projects.
This year, because of our ambitious goals, the New River Alliance of Climbers needs to raise more money and we need your help more than ever. Thanks for your continued support!