NRAC’s Vous is the one all the Pros beg their sponsors to send them to…

Reflecting the Rendezvous’ rising national profile (!) more of our sponsors are sending athletes to the event. These athletes will be on hand to give slide shows, teach clinics, and just hang out and schmooze with you all. We thank our awesome sponsors and we thank the athletes for coming and contributing their time and energy to make our event better.

Stay tuned for the announcement of which athletes will be coming from:

Chris Sharma–thanks to Evolv, Petzl, prAna, Sterling Rope, Sanuk
Matt Segal–Evolv, Sterling
Dean Lords–Mammut
Pete Kamitses–Mammut
Matt Wilder–Mountain Hardwear
Bayard Russell–Outdoor Research
Regan Kennedy–Outdoor Research
Andrea Szekely–Petzl
Nick Duttle–Petzl
Alli Rainey–Petzl
Kevin Wilkinson–Petzl
Eric Horst–La Sportiva, Sterling
Whitney Boland–Petzl
Stephen Meinhold–Mountain Hardwear
Pat Goodman–Mountain Hardwear
Jessa Goebel–Mountain Hardwear

Here are some bios of athletes that have been to previous Rendezvous’ or are coming this year!


This is Rendezvous #8 for Brittany Griffith. She has become such a major part of our team that we have decided to put her in charge next year. (Just kidding, Brittany, but we’d like to.) We’ve gotten to know her over the years, so we are now less impressed by her amazing array of accomplishments on the rock, in the mountains, on TV, online (check out her terrific blog), on a bike, than by her no bullshit attitude, down-to-earth sense of humor, energy, competence and sheer unadulterated talent for taking care of business.

Mainly, she is a blast to hang out with and doesn’t have a poseur bone in her body. In short she is a terrific ambassador for our sport. Huge thanks to Patagonia and Black Diamond Equipment for sending this vital cog in the Rendezvous machine.

Matt Wilder

Matt Wilder lives in Boulder, CO where he splits his time between climbing and working towards a PhD in Computer Science. I his studies, he focuses on machine learning algorithms and probabilistic models of cognition. Though he finds plenty of challenges in this research, he finds himself drawn to another set of challenges that come in the form of boulder problems and routes. Recently he has contributed to the advancement of hard traditional climbing with two 5.14 first ascents and many repeats of cutting edge routes. His love for bouldering has also been a present force throughout his 16 years of climbing. As author to the bouldering guidebooks for Hueco Tanks and Yosemite Valley, Matt is well versed on the history of bouldering in America and has accomplished numerous hard repeats and first ascents with difficulty up to V14. He has climbed all throughout the states and at many international locations. His passion for the sport is always strong and he continually challenges himself to get the maximal enjoyment out of each day of climbing

Lynn Hill

We are happy to welcome Lynn to her third Rendezvous. Thanks to Patagonia for sending her. Here is Lynn talking about her background…

I learned to climb with my older brother and my sister and her boyfriend in Southern California in 1975. I was 14 years old at the time and simply happy to tag along with them wherever they went climbing. Most weekends were spent in Joshua Tree or at Tahquitz and Suicide Rock, but occasionally we would go to a few local practice areas such as Big Rock at Stoney Point. My opportunities multiplied when I bought my first car and began traveling to new places on my own. I would sometimes venture out to more distant places like the Needles or Mount Woodson, and during my last years of high school, I spent my summers climbing in Yosemite for as long as my limited savings would allow.In 1979, I teamed up with John Long and took off on an extended road trip to various destinations throughout the West. We loaded up my Volkswagen van and headed out. Starting in Yosemite, we then drove to Arizona, where we stopped to climb on the steep intimidating walls of Granite Mountain. From there, we went to several classic places in Colorado, including Eldorado Canyon, Independence Pass, and eventually ended up living in Telluride for several months, where we established a few significant first ascents of our own at the local area Ophir Wall.After our journeys in Colorado, we spent another nine months or so living in Las Vegas, Nevada, until the crushing heat of the summer drove us back to Southern California. In 1980, when we started climbing at Red Rocks, there was such an abundance of new routes, free ascents, and boulder problems, we had the opportunity of bagging a few of the most classic routes in the area. To read the rest of Lynn’s bio…
Arno Ilgner creator of The Warrior’s Way Mental Training for Climbers will be back at the Rendezvous for the seventh year! If you’ve read his book (or maybe you’ve been wanting to) and want to get advice directly from the man himself, he’ll be there for you. Arno will be holding three clinics this year and is donating his The Warrior’s Way audio and paperback books for the event. See the clinics page for more info or to sign up for his program!

Peter Kamitses

Peter first began climbing in 1994 after graduating high school. He has since traveled globally, climbing in Australia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, and many North American destinations. He appreciates all aspects of climbing but applies himself mostly to high end free climbs. Over the years Peter has repeated most of the hardest climbs in the Northeast as well as doing first ascents of some of the finest hard trad climbs and sport routes around.

In 2008 he had a banner year doing the first ascent of the ‘China Glide’ 5.14d at Rumney, NH. Peter also climbed ‘Ill Fire’ 5.14a, a runout mostly trad climb at Moss Cliff in the Adirondacks, this route represents the hardest pitch of climbing yet done in the whole Adirondack park. Also late in the season on a trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Peter made short work of three of the longest steepest routes in the country redpointing ‘Omaha Beach’ 5.14a and onsighting ‘Pushin Up Daisies’ 5.13c and ‘B.O.H.I.C.A’ 5.13b. Peter lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jovial and two sons Bodhi and Rowan where he finds work as a route setter, climbing instructor and Guide through the Petra Cliffs Climbing Center.

With over a decade of experience, Peter is a master course setter, having set routes for both bouldering and lead climbing competitions; effectivley entertaining and stumping some of the best climbers in the country. “Climbing holds metaphors for so many things in our world. The way that it offers such vivid and uniquely rich experiences that are so honest and real makes climbing of the utmost value in my life.” We would like to thank Mammut for sending Pete down to the New.

Vous 2011 Message Board

Connect with other people who are attending or have attended the New River Rendezvous.  Find climbing partners, find a ride, share your experiences and above all treat others with the same respect you would like to be treated with.  Don’t be a hater, we don’t want to have to regulate on anybody.