Camp at Burnwood and Thank the National Park Service!

We believe that the camping scene makes this event! We are very pleased to announce that once again the National Park Service is allowing us to use their Burnwood facility, which is located at the north end of the bridge, across the highway from the Visitor Center. We are lucky to have it. The fact that we are allowed to use it speaks to the long-term, productive partnership that has developed between the Park Service and the local climbers. There will be a NRAC Hospitality Team member there to greet you, answer questions and get the party rolling. Look for big white NRAC Hospitality Tent. DIRECTIONS TO BURNWOOD

Here are the details:

  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED–please leave the glass bottles at home, bring canned beverages and don’t forget to take your cans home to be recycled.
  • DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES. We know there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. But If your pooch is uncomfortable around large crowds, loud noises or small children, do us and your dog a big favor and leave him/her at home. That said the NPS rules are: Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 ft, pets must be under control and cannot be left unattended, and you must pick up the poo immediately –Duh! But you knew that!
  • PACK OUT EVERYTHING YOU PACK IN–Remember, this will be the 4th year of our NO WASTE INITIATIVE. Come prepared to reduce the amount of waste you generate, recycle all that you can and re-use your own plate, bowl, utensils, cups, mugs etc… Be prepared with your own trash bags and recycle bins to be emptied when you return back at your home.
  • PARKING–Parking spaces will be VERY limited, so we’ll need you to minimize your carbon footprint and carpool with your buddies. We will issue car passes for the first 400 cars. Also just a friendly reminder that you are NOT allowed to park at the Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center. Thanks for your cooperation
  • WATER: YES! Showers: NO! Get in touch with your inner dirtbag!
  • BATHROOM: We will have a bunch of port-o-johns spread around Burnwood, please use them.

SLOW DOWN! The only problem the Park Service has noticed was that people drove a bit too fast. Please remember you are on vacation and 10 mph is fast enough to get you there!

LOWLIFE ALERT! Rendezvous #1 and #4 saw some theft. Nothing rampant, but highly unfortunate nonetheless. Those people will get theirs, but help us keep an eye out for anything suspicious and be aware of securing your campsite.

Other Camping Options:

  • Roger’s Rocky Top Retreat. We understand that many of you are very loyal to Roger and will opt to stay there. No problem. We will have a Hospitality Team member there with all the info you need. Please try to carpool over to Burnwood. Designate your driver!
  • Chestnut Creek Campground. Some of you are loyal to Brian so by all means, camp with him. His campground is less than a mile north, right off Lansing Rd.
  • North American River Runners.  NARR has a terrific campground located right off TRt. 19 on Rt. 60.  304-658-5276
  • Best Non-camping Option: Opossum Creek Retreat888-488-4836 Geoff has a variety of cool cabins for rent close to the event venue. If you want a bit more comfort (and a hot tub) this is your answer.
  • Best Cheap non-camping option.  River Rock Retreat.  Our event caterer, Joy, also has a hostel located right off 19 on Lansing Rd., mere minutes from Burnwood.  304-574-0394
  • New River Cabins  Conveniently located for climbers.  new cabins, pet friendly!