Lend a Helping Hand

Last year we were embarassed by the amount of trash left behind at Burnwood, so this year we’re asking everyone to step it up a couple of notches and help us make this event sustainable.  Pack out everything you pack in. Recycle as much as possible, be sure to separate your recyclables. Burnwood has recycling containers however they do not accept glass so take your glass containers with you when you leave.

When you’re packing up your tent on Sunday morning stop and look around, grab any trash you might see and deposit it in either the trash bin or the recycling bins. Even the micro-trash. We like to turn Burnwood back over to the NPS cleaner than we found it. If you are so inclined you can even stick around to help break down the big circus tents and load up equipment.

Email Wendy Young, Volunteer Coordinator to sign up to help out!