Black Diamond kicks off the event with the ultimate dessert extravaganza.

8:30 at Burnwood

Back in the day when the Rendezvous was new and not much was going on Friday night we brainstormed ideas for how to lure people here sooner. It didn’t take long for the lightbulb to come on: CHOCOLATE!! That works every time. This idea was the beginning of Dessertapalooza, our official event kick-off. This has developed into one of the most popular components of the Rendezvous and for good reason.

Under the direction of Karen Childers, Dessertapalooza has become a downright amazing scene. a dessert extravaganza where there is no such thing as too sweet or too rich, and where the staggering numbers of sick desserts will blow your mind. Look for a variety of signature desserts from our local restaurants including the Cathedral Cafe, Sedona Grille, Pies & Pints and Smokey’s on the Gorge.

We wouldn’t dream of serving chocolate without milk and a good strong cup of coffee. Once again the best roaster around, Mattie’s Mountain Mud, will be providing her awesome coffee for the entire weekend. We have requested her signature dark roast “West Virginia Coal”. We are talking Real Coffee.

BLACK DIAMOND sponsors the Dessertapalooza every year. We don’t need to tell you how great their gear is and so far as we can tell, everyone who works there is incredibly cool too. Once again we are happy to welcome climbing legend Russ Clune as well as Matt Ginley, our Southeast sales rep will be in attendance.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! You know that this is a fundraiser so we operate on a super-tight budget. Black Diamond gives us a big chunk of money to buy desserts. Early on, this money bought plenty but now that the event is getting bigger, we need more desserts! How about you whip up something; brownies, rice crispie treats, anything so long as it contains sugar, and bring it with you? We will be sure to put your name on it and everyone there will be grateful because you just can’t have too many choices!