Dyno Comp

Sponsored by Evolv and Project Holds.

The Quick and Dirty: The Dyno comp is open to everyone. Men’s and Women’s divisions. Please sign up in advance at the Hospitality Tent. Qualifying rounds should start around 7:00, final rounds between 8:30 and 9. Listen for announcements.

No one who came to the first Rendezvous could forget the dyno comp. A steady downpour and an undependable electrical system could do nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the participants or the cheering crowd. It was truly crazy. Nor will anyone one forget the dyno comp of 2005 either! Sonnie Trotter grew wings and flew to the top of the wall……..Not to be forgotten.

Last year the Dyno Comp was taken over by the dynamic up-and-comers from the South Carolina-based company Project Holds.  Tim, Charles and Jared created the best looking wall ever!  This year the Project Holds Elevation Dyno Comp promises to be more exciting than ever.  Look for launching bodies leaping for more of their crazy holds.  What the hell is a Nixon?  A Wicked Lester?  A quick look at their new and improved website confirms that these guys are all about imagination, humor and attention to detail.  A huge selection of holds and an unbeatable program for getting a monthly delivery are worth a close look. They will be dishing out prizes too, so enter and take a chance on freshening up your home wall!

“We’ve got some things coming down the pipeline that will knock the climbing industry off their feet,” promises Tim Carr, one of the owners. This company is growing by leaps and bounds and offers some of the highest quality holds on the market–be sure to hang on a few while you are hanging around Burnwood.