NRAC Hospitality Tent

Sterling Rope Hospitality Crew has the beta

Thanks to Sterling, this year we will be setting up a swanky NRAC Hospitality Tent at Burnwood in the center of the event village.

When you arrive at Burnwood on Thursday or Friday, expect to be greeted by an NRAC Hospitality Team member. They will orient you, get a bit of info from you and maybe give you some cool schwag. We will also have a member of the NRAC Hospitality Team at Roger’s campground Friday and Saturday evening.

We have drafted knowledgeable local climbers to serve on the NRAC Hospitality Team. You’ll see them running around in matching shirts and aprons. They will be everywhere, passing out info, answering questions, giving stuff away, setting up, serving, smiling, hosting and just acting like they own the place. That’s their job.

You’ll find the following at the NRAC Hospitality Tent

  • Event info
  • NRG Access Issues and Current Event Info
  • Clinic Check-In and Registration
  • First aid
  • Local maps and info
  • Dyno & Sumo Comp sign-up sheets
  • Kidzone and Scavenger Hunt sign-up sheets
  • Lost and Found
  • Someone to help you with whatever your problem is