Midnight Snack

Entre Prises brings back the Midnight Snack

Entre Prises, maker of quality climbing walls and holds for over 20 years, is back on the Rendezvous team. EP’s sponsorship commitment will allow event organizers to roll out yet another component of the Rendezvous line-up: The Midnight Snack. We came up with this idea when we realized that if we didn’t want people to poop out too early, we needed to fortify them with some good food.

Local Sponsor Pies & Pints, maker of the Best Pizza on the Planet, will be by around midnight with a large delivery of pies to complement the Entre Prises spread. Owners Kim and Davehave been incredibly supportive of the Rendezvous–and well they ought to be, we know how many climbers are in there on any given weekend! Pies has moved into their new location on Maple Avenue in Fayetteville, WV. Look for an expanded menu, live music and amazing pizza.