No-Waste Initiative

1000 people; 3 days; virtually no trash!

Four years rolling and this policy has become the cornerstone of the event and we can all proud of it. We like what past Rendezvous participant
Colby Challenger had to say: “I really think it’s necessary for the climbing user group in general to be a leading force in the clean and green revolution that’s sweeping our nation.” Amen

What does this all mean for you?


The single most effective thing you can do is fill our car with friends.

Parking is extremely limited and we need your help to keep the number of cars to a minimum. Better yet, ride your bike or hoof it!

–Adopt a minimalist mindset.

Only bring what you need. Think about the waste you will generate and try to keep it down.

–Keep up with your stuff.

We will have plenty of Sharpies around so you can label your beer mug so you can find it when you are done dancing.

–Take all your trash and recyclables home.

Our goal is to wrap up the event with only a few bags of garbage.

–Bring your own plate, fork, cup, etc.

We will provide a wash station!

REMEMBER: The National Park Service doesn’t allow glass on their property, so you’ll have to forego your favorite imports unless you can find ’em in a can. We would like to thank Gene Kistler and Chris Anthony for articulating the vision and helping us find our way.