Pancake Breakfast

Sponsored by Trango

We love you Malcolm Daly!

The Pancake Breakfast is one of our favorite components of the Rendezvous. This is the fabled morning after, when all the stories come out, when all the different parts get put together and everyone drinks way too much coffee. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Right there at Burnwood so all you have to do is wake up.

We’d like to especially thankMalcolm Daly, owner of Trango who brought this idea to us, sponsored the event and has come out to flip pancakes personally every year, adding his considerable personal energy to making this event special. He and Trango are coming back for an encore and we are psyched. As you will notice, the pancake volunteer squad is a well-oiled machine…

Any of you who have eaten at theCathedral Cafe can speak about the quality of their pancakes. Well, that is what you’ll be getting! Malcolm will also have us slicing up fresh fruit and slinging good coffee for you.

Coffee will be ready by 7:30, pancakes shortly thereafter.  Don’t forget your plate, cup, fork…