Event Sponsors

Best Sponsors on the Planet!

Just check out the following all-star line up of outdoor industry bright lights. There would be no New River Rendezvous without the support of these companies. These folks don’t just write a check, send some product and hope for the best. They are partners in every sense of the word. They each “own” a component of this event and they each have input about how we produce that component. They are an integral part of the success of this event

We thank them and we hope you will too. It is because of the generous support of https://insurancequote.deals/ that we are able to keep the cost of this event to a minimum. Representatives from every company will be at the event having at least as much fun as you are. So high five ‘em on the dance floor or smile at them before you knock them down in the sumo wrestling ring, or simply stop by their booth for a chat and a look at some new products.

Our Local Sponsors are Critical to our Success: Hats Off to…

We hope you will support these outstanding local business that do so much to support our event–year after year!

Welcome to new local sponsor Jon St. John and hisclimbingweather.com site!  Download it for free!  John is an NRAC board member and also the creator of the New River Rendezvous app, available now for iphone and android.

Opossum Creek Retreat: We are lucky to have the support of the best cabin rental biz around.  For nine years we have gotten a screaming deal on a huge and awesome cabin in a beautiful, peaceful spot.  Opossum Creek provides the signature chocolate macadamia nut cookies Hooray for Geoff!

Class VI River Runners: This is the pre-eminent rafting company in the area.  Do yourself a favor and take a trip down the river with them…or a trip on their amazing canopy tour…Top notch!  They help us by providing thewash station, coolers, equipment galore. Thanks Doug, Rob and Larry!
Cathedral Cafe: This Fayetteville landmark business has been a central climber hangout forever. Wendy has been behind us from the get go. She has helped us with many things and provided loads of moral support, not to mention thebest pancakes in the state…

Mattie’s Mountain Mud: We venture to guess there is not another climbing event in the country serving coffee that was roasted two days earlier.  We take our coffee seriously and so does our friend Mattie.  This is the ninth year she has sent 40# of shade-grown, fair trade certified coffee our way.  She will be happy to ship you your own!
Pies & Pints: The best pizza on the planet…Thanks to Dave and Kim’s amazing restaurant, Fayetteville is now on all pizza lover’s map.  It does not get any better than this!  Pay attention around 11:30–that is when pizza gets dropped off for the Midnight Snack.  Get your slice.

New River Mountain Guides: The Rendezvous could not happen without Elaina Smith’s time, talent and energy.  She organizes the clinic program, creates all the event’s graphics, as well as a host of other details.  All this while running an outstanding guide service.
Bridge Brew Works. Nate Herrold brought his copious brewing skills to town and filled a critical niche in any self respecting Cool Town:  he started a brewery.  You have to have your own locally brewed IPA to really claim to have it all.  Thanks Nate.  Your beer rips!
Appalachian Climbing School Jim Taylor and his guides have been ready and willing to do all that was asked of them!  Jim may be the best trained guide on the East Coast and is a credit to our community!
Kula Community Yoga Studio Yves, Erin Larsen, and Amanda and crew set up another great yoga program.  We are so fortunate to have a yoga studio in our area, staffed by well trained and inspirational teachers.  A full schedule of classes is offered right in Fayetteville.  Start your climbing day off with a class and see what it does for you.

Water Stone Outdoors:  For seventeen years this core shop has been providing quality gear and friendly advice to the NRG climbing community.  They appreciate your friendship and support over the years.  The event would not happen without manpower from Kenny, Gene and Maura.

NEW TO THE TEAM THIS YEAR: We are happy to welcome Diogi’s and Vandalian to our sponsor family. We salute the community-mindedness of both these restaurants, not to mention their food. Support from our local businesses makes all the difference!

Diogi’s: We salute the friendliest, most community minded, most relaxed and fun restaurant in town.  Really!  Discover for yourselves the happy scene that Oscar and Barb have created.  Their fish tacos are sublime…

Vandalian: Anything Porter Jarard sets his mind to is gonna be top notch.  He has done it again, creating this cool, new restaurant.  We very much appreciate his contribution of hard cold cash and encourage you to check out his well-located biz.


We’re super psyched to have a great partnership with DPM as our official media sponsor. They’ve changed the climbing media paradigm and consistently produce a quality issues month after month. This year they’ll be revamping the bouldering competition and breathing new life into this component of the event. Matt and crew have been busy scouting new boulder problems throughout the Tri-Gorge area and we are psyched!
DPM is also bringing DJ Mon Voyage Neon back for another NYC party session Friday night.
Also, look for the DPM Big, Bad Balloon Launch, an Access Fund fundraiser, Saturday night from 7-9.

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR Donates the Signature Event T announcing: Rendezvous #10 Logo Contest!

Mountain Hardwear, makes some of the most technologically advanced products in the outdoor industry, and is our first and biggest sponsor. Their Wicked Tee event shirt has become a signature part of the Rendezvous and getting your hands on one gets harder every year. Remember, the surefire way to get one is to compete.

The team at Hardwear has come up with a great idea. They are sponsoring a contest: create a logo for the 10th Rendezvous. The winner will recieve the biggest prize package in rendezvous history: $1000 worth of Mountain Hardwear merchandise, a Sterling rope and a pair of Evolv shoes. Dig it!

PATAGONIA Feeds the Tribe

Once again dinner on Saturday night is on Patagonia. Our caterer, Joy Marr, will be reprising last years’ super-popular Mexican themed menu. This year look for shorter lines! Don’t forget to bring your own reusable dinnerware! We aren’t providing any plates, forks, etc in an effort to keep the level of garbage down.
Thanks to all our friends at Patagonia for their hefty and on-going support of the Vous. Josh Neilsen, our new event contact will be making his first appearance at the Rendezvous so be sure to let him know how much we appreciate them. We also thank Patagonia for sending Brittany Griffith to us yet again! She is officially the athlete Queen of the Vous. And one more thing: The 1% for the Planet program that Ivan Chouinard created is the most enlightened program to come out of the outdoor industry EVER! Brilliant, positive and effective.

La Sportiva brings you the Climbing Comp! NEW: RUN LIKE HELL TRAIL RACE!!

Once again, La Sportiva, revered in the industry for their impeccably designed, bomb-proof shoes, anted up to be a top-tier sponsor, bringing you the ever-popular climbing comp. Whether you are a total neophyte sport climber or a bona fide badass traddie, you will find a division that suits you. We welcome athlete and event coordinator Ian Achey back for his second year and La Sportiva rep, Doug Madera, for his 9th year–that’s right, all nine years…

Lots of you can attest to how crazy great their climbing shoes are, but have you checked out their running shoes? Their line expands every year and so does their commitment to sustainability. NEW THIS YEAR: Sportiva Run Like Hell Trail Race. Saturday at 6:00.

FIVE TEN Brings Back the Bouldering Contest

Here is yet another top-tier sponsor who has stuck by us since the beginning. Once again, FiveTen brings us the Bouldering Comp. Thanks to the explosion in the bouldering scene around here, the bouldering comp has been growing every year–probably because the scene down there at Hawk’s Nest and Cotton Hill is so damn much fun…
FiveTen will be rolling out the most recent additions to their outstanding line of shoes at the shoe demo on Saturday. Rep Brad Dorough will set you up. Come check out what the fuss is about. And don’t forget to register to compete—remember, you’re guaranteed a shirt!


Five Ten Bouldering Comp at the 2011 New River Rendezvous from Water Stone Outdoors on Vimeo.

PETZL Provides the Hardware (and MUGS!!)
Don’t miss the Espresso Cafe! Real coffee drinks!

Talk about a match made in heaven: NRAC needs tons of hardware for their rebolting mission and Petzl wanted to be a part of the Rendezvous. Voila! Now we have a first rate Hardware Sponsor. Next time you clip a shiny new bolt, thank your lucky stars for Petzl’s generosity.

Special thanks to Chuck Odette for taking us all the way to the top and working harder for this event than just about anyone. Every year Chuck wins the Most On It Award. This guys is beyond organized! This year Chuck is shaking things up–Petzl is offering espresso event mugs! These super cute mini mugs are really cool and unusual. A 10$ donation to NRAC will get you a mug and a shot of espresso. Beat that! Stop by the booth and find out how to get one of these limited collector’s items!


You can’t have a raging party without a kick ass band.  That is where our new sponsor Sanuk comes in.  Through their generous support we are able to bring back the best Rendezvous band ever:  Freekbass.  The dance floor action the last two years attests to the sheer power this funk band has:  even all the uptight white boys were dancing!  There is nothing uptight about Sanuk or the groovy shoes they make.  Oops, they are clear in their marketing:  These are not shoes!  Their poster child, Chris Sharma, will be here–no doubt sporting his signature Sanuk style.  Stop by their booth and thank them for bringing a little So Cal cool to our event.

Presenting the Beat, Broke and Busted Rock Boots Contest!

Two years we had decided we were going to have to start charging for clinics–they were just getting too expensive to staff. But no! Scarpa came to the rescue and became our first Clinic Sponsor! We can’t thank them enough for their continued support. Local guidebook author/stud muffin/Scarpa athlete Mikey Williams will be on hand to let you know why you’ll be able to climb as hard as he does if you wear Scarpa shoes. You will have the opportunity at the shoe demo.
Dig out your most trashed pair of climbing shoes and stop by the Scarpa booth to get your chance to win a hot new pair of Italian made beauties to replace them.

We really like their tagline: For Lives Less Ordinary. That gets you thinking doesn’t it. Hell no we don’t want to be ordinary. Climbing isn’t ordinary. Certainly Scarpa’s shoes and boots aren’t ordinary. A glance at the website confirms their core cred. Serious stuff for the serious user. Check it out at scarpa.com.

OSPREY PACKS help keep us green!
Presenting the Got the Gas Pump Blues? carpool raffle!

Given the depths of Osprey’s commitment to the environment, it is entirely appropriate that they are our Keep It Green Sponsor. We pulled this from their website: “Osprey Packs’ environmental and social responsibility practices run deep into company culture and…serve as a foremost defining characteristic of the brand.” Just take a look their ReSource Series, a line of daypacks and courier bags made from 70% recycled material by content. That means buckles, webbing, binding tape–all recycled. Right on!
This year they are sponsoring a raffle for carpoolers.  Show up with three or more in your car and you will be entered in the raffle to win one of three Viper 4 technical hydration packs!

Known for their innovative, cutting-edge designs and their bomb-proof construction, Osprey Packs have received loads of awards over the years, firmly establishing their stellar rep in the outdoor industry. For the past 8 years they have sewn the Leave No Trace principles into their larger packs. They are also a Contributing Corporate Partner of the Access Fund. They round out their Responsible Corporate Citizen resume by offering a recycling program for their packs and supporting a number of other environmental organizations. Now that is Keeping it Green!

For more info check out Osprey Packs.Stop by their booth and check out their latest cool products.

BLACK DIAMOND Satisfies your Sweet Tooth

Two lines at Dessertapalooza this year mean half the wait!  Yay!
We are willing to wager that there is not one climber at the Rendezvous who does not own a piece of Black Diamond gear.  There is a reason for this:  it is hard to beat.  BD has been rolling out innovative product designs since 1957, for crying out loud! Like they say on their website they get it right because they are “a company of users…the greatest dreamers about what could be, and the harshest critics about what exists.”  Sounds like they ought to keep making gear. Check it all out at Black Diamond
We about break our own arms patting ourselves on the back for coming up with the idea for Dessertapalooza. It is probably the most popular component of the Rendezvous—and with good reason: it’s the best dessert spread east of the Mississippi. Black Diamond has “owned” this component since the first year.They continue to be a pleasure to work with.  Be sure to say hey to climbing legend Russ Clune.  He’ll be wearing an apron while greeting you in the Dessertapalooza line.  We also welcome TJ Kolanka, our from BD HQ in SLC.  Did you follow that?

STERLING ROPE Continues Rope Recycling Program
Bring your old rope by the booth and get a pint glass!

As a continuation of their Redemption Initiative, Sterling Rope is continuing their rope recycling program in partnership Water Stone Outdoors and the New River Rendezvous. Sterling will be recycling rope from any rope manufacturer because they feel that in cooperation with climbers, they can make a real impact in the amount of used ropes that get needlessly tossed into landfills each year.

Why recycle your rope? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  1. Keep the rope out of a landfill!
  2. Keep climbers safe
  3. Receive a 15% off your next Sterling Rope purchase at Water Stone Outdoors.

So bring your old dynamic climbing ropes (60m minimum, as many as you want) to the Sterling Rope booth at the Rendezvous or to Water Stone Outdoors in Fayetteville, WV. A Sterling Rope representative or Water Stone Outdoors employee will recycle your old rope(s) and in exchange give you (1) 15% off coupon for a brand new Sterling Rope which can be redeemed at Water Stone Outdoors.

After collecting the retired ropes Sterling sends them to their recycling partner who re-pelletizes the nylon. From there the nylon is made into things like carpet fuzz, coat hangers, and all kinds of everyday household items.

As a general rule of thumb, most manufacturers suggest that any rope be retired after 5 years in service and 10 years after the manufacturing date. Now these are just general guidelines, some ropes may need to be retired before that depending on lots of variables. Learn more…

TRANGO Flips your Cakes

Trango, maker of the amazing Squid and the ultra-lightweight Superfly carabiner, is another of our long-time sponsors. As usual, Trango will be hosting the Pancake Breakfast with living legend Malcolm Daly flipping cakes. Malcolm has offered us invaluable advice over the years, helping us keep the Rendezvous on a good course. We salute his optimism, political activism and plain good sense. He earned a permanent place in the annals of Rendezvous history when he took off his prosthtic leg and threw it at Dale Bard the first year. Trango is the proud distributor of PMI ropes, SMC, and the eLine by Yogaslackers as well as the legendary Big Bro’s, Flexcams, Cinch, and the Smooth Quickdraws. We are proud to welcome Vernon Scarboro, new owner of Trango, to this years’ event. Look for him to be flipping cakes alongside past owner Malcolm Daly!

OUTDOOR RESEARCH Pulls off the Party

Outdoor Research has a critical spot the Rendezvous team as the Premier Party sponsor! They make sure that we have everything we need to have maximum fun on Saturday night. This year’s party promises to be bigger and better than ever. Christian Folk, OR’s event guy will be here.  Thank him yourself for getting behind the Rendezvous and sending us athletes Bayard Russel and Regan Kennedy to help with clinics.  We have always enjoyed OR’s great gear–best hats around!  And we are happy to report that this techy and innovative company continues to expand. Their growing clothing line offers the requisite durability and functionality with terrific styling.  Check out the Ferrosi Short–best short made!  Be sure to check out their line of bombproof outerware. We would like to thank President Dave Rosenstein for making the trip down to the Rendezvous most years.  It says a lot about a company if the Boss Man still knows how to have fun! www.outdoorresearch.com

MAMMUT Quenches your Thirst!

Mammut is returning again to quench everyone’s thirst! Our friends at Mammut, under the leadership of Dean Lords go way beyond the call of duty in their efforts to support this event.  Their enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to roll up their sleeves and pitch in is invaluable to us.  Last year they again brought Stompy, their huge blow-up mammoth, and this time the Park Service actually let them keep it blown up for a while. If you don’t own anything this Swiss company makes, do yourself a favor–Euro styling is terrific!  Our local beverage sponsor, Corley Distributing always helps us out to make sure we have enough for everyone. Look for the Mammut tent for tasty refreshment after a day of climbing and bouldering……..If you do need to drive, don’t drink!! Camp at Burnwood!!!
Thanks to Dean Lords for all his support over the years.

prAna Brings you the No-Booze Bar for Two Nights! and don’t forget to sign up for your massage…

We want to thank the folks at prAna for continuing their generous support of the Rendezvous.  Our first year we forgot to provide alternative beverages of any kind.  We created the no-booze bar to solve this problem and prAna has paid for it ever since.  This year we will be offering the no-booze bar Friday and Saturday night to ensure that non-drinkers have fun and festive options.  How far we have come!  prAna also supports our developing yoga program by sending out stacks of their killer yoga mats for participants to use. Look for killer prAna merchandise on the silent aution table.  Once again they have produced a line of clothing that is functional, well-constructed and stamped with the Cali-cool prAna styling. And, as usual, they will have two massage therapists in their booth on Saturday from 5-7 providing 15 minute massages–sign up for your slot.
We also salute this company for their ongoing commitment to the environment–they are an industry leader in this department.

Owner Beaver Theodasakis will be here again so you can thank him in person!  Tall guy, crazy hair!

Two great reasons to get to the Rendezvous early:

#1 You will get the very best camp sites at Burnwood.

#2 The Mountain Khaki Thursday night program…

MOUNTAIN KHAKIs presents Wheel of Pants!

We would like to thank Mt. Khakis for providing shorts for our volunteers.  This year we had more vols than expected and the kind folks at MK agreed to provide an extra 15 pairs to keep our vols happy.  We appreciate this so much–it says quite a bit about how this company operates.  And their pants and shorts kick ass if you don’t know already.

This year, program director and NRAC board member Jay Young, has come up with a host of other ways to get folks out of their pants and into a pair of Mountain Khakis.  Of course you have to show your underwear off in the process so be sure to wear some nice ones…

A few years ago we realized loads of folks were showing up early. This meant that hundreds of people were milling around with nothing to do. Nature abhors a vacuum and so does the Rendezvous staff, so, thanks to Mountain Khakis, we have developed a relaxed, ease-into-the-event evening. We will kick off with Wheel of Pants!! Expect some good goofy fun. We are pleased to be working with this Jackson, WY based maker of rugged pants and shorts for the outdoor lifestyle. They have jumped into the Rendezvous with loads of enthusiasm and killer ideas. Just what we look for in our sponsors. We salute this company for its commitment to the environment (they participate in 1% for the Planet) and for their comfortable, well-fitting and durable products. In particular, we climbers should be checking out their jeans which have plenty of stretch and will make a cool retro climbing pant. Stop by their booth for a Pop-Tart at the Stretch and Stroll Breakfast. Check out all their stuff at their >website.

EVOLV throws the Dyno Comp!
This dynamic company energizes our event…Thanks to Mason and Kurt!

When Evolv decides to get behind an event, you know it.  This company has mastered the art of making a splash.  We attribute much of this to their Minister of Culture, Mason Daly, and their area rep, Kurt Smith.  This dynamic duo will be helping set the dyno comp.  Look out!
Evolv athlete and shoe designer Chris Sharma will be on hand to answer questions about his new shoe, the Shaman.  Outstanding!
For a relatively new company, Evolv has hit the ground running. Their shoes seem to hit that magic combination of great fit, great performance and great price point. They also have wasted no time giving back to the climbing world. They have a shoe in their line, the Quest AF, that they pledge a percentage of their sales to benefit the Access Fund. They are also have teamed up with Malcolm Daly at Trango to design and produce a shoe and prosthetic for amputees. Good on you guys! We are pleased to be working with them. Try their new shoes at the shoe demo on Saturday. Give their website a look for all the news.

METOLIUS Brings on the Sumo Extravaganza

Metolius will once again be sponsoring the Metolius Bouldering Pad Sumo Wrestling Contest. They provide bouldering pads for the winners and chalk and other goodies for event goers. A huge crowd pleaser, this wacky contest really gets the crowd going and is the closest thing to controlled chaos that we have encountered. Metolius has lots of cool new stuff to talk about so stop by the booth and chat up one of our favorite Rendezvous people, Moses Alanis, all the way from the Metolius headquarters in Bend, OR. He is accompanied by Charlie Phillips, son of owner Doug Phillips. These guys will be offering gear maintenance clinics. Check out the schedule.

FRIKSN prints our event tees!

We are happy to welcome Justin and Leo, the creative pair behind newish climbing clothing company Friksn. First of all: it is pronounced “friction”. Got it? According to their catalogue this “young and industrious company (is) dedicated to the exploration, development, and expansion of the ‘lifestyle’ facet within the outdoor apparel industry”. We get it: comfortable, cool clothes with killer graphics. As they say on their website: The best alternative to climbing naked since 2002. Word! Stop by their booth, or Water Stone for a good look. They are making some of the coolest stuff in the industry right now. Their line will be expanding–word is the shorts are gonna be awesome…

Thanks to DARN TOUGH the KidZone goes to the crag!

Last year we decided it was time to get the kids climbing.  Darn Tough’s sponsorship allowed us to hire the guides to make it happen!  eight kids spent the day with 3 top-notch guides and had a huge time.  Everyone had so much fun we are gonna do it again!

We are going to go out on a limb here: Darn Tough socks makes the best socks you can buy. Period. And they are guaranteed. This third generation New England sock manufacturer has got fit and durability completely figured out–and every last pair of socks is made right here in the USA. How unusual is that? You are going to have a chance to check out these wonder socks because we have loads to give away.  The only catch is that the kids are totally in charge and there is no telling what the power-mad youth set has in mind.  Last year we felt for the guy running through the venue shouting “I’m wearing lacey pink panties!!”
We learned two things at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow this winter:  Darn Tough icontinues to expand their killer line of patterned socks!  Awesome colors!  All sock freaks will want to check ’em out.  Also, the Rendezvous is the only event that Darn Tough has ever given money to.  We are honored!

CHACO Ups their Game

We welcome back Chaco, maker of the streamlined river sandal that stays on, to the Rendezvous sponsorship team. The big news with this company is their brand new shoe line.  We tried some on at the Outdoor Retailer show and can report that they look great and feel greater.  We welcome Sloan and Rebecca, two Chaco tech reps, who will be in the booth answering all your questions.  Water Stone Outdoors has a full line of their sandals for you to check out.

MISTY MOUNTAIN THREADWORKS brings you the Midnight Snack!
Our North Carolina neighbors build bomber stuff that will save you!

Goose and Mike, founders and owners of Misty Mountain, are some of our favorite guys.  They make great stuff, they are great fun to hang out with and they have been part of the sponsor family since the get-go.  Keep in mind their Misty Mountain Muesli was the hit of Saturday morning’s Stretch and Stroll Breakfast.  Don’t miss out.
Come meet this great pair at the Midnight Snack where they will be pressing flesh and handing out discount coupons.
11:30 Saturday night.

So-Ill Holds provides holds for dyno comp!

A quick look at the So Ill website confirms our initial impression: David and Daniel Chancellor are not your average entrepreneurs. Out of the box, out in left field, outrageous. Their site reflects an edgy, fun-loving, bizarre sensibility that we believe harks back to climbing’s iconoclastic, irreverant roots. New School with an Old School edge…sounds good to us.

We are pleased to have the SoIll boys became part of the family. They will be bringing their humor and their wild looking holds to this years’ event. Eye Booger anyone? Check out Water Stone for a good selection of So Ill product line.  We are happy that Dave Chancellor will be back this year after taking a hiatus.  Make sure you meet this fella…

Eat at the Vandalian!

Our newest restaurant in town right on the corner in downtown Fayetteville. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner their menu is amazing!  The restaurant is owned by climbing legend Porter Jarrard, infamous for his attention to detail his restaurant is no exception. Thanks Porter and the crew at the Vandalian for supporting the Vous!