Stretch and Roll

The American Alpine Club presents the 1st Annual

Stretch and Stroll Breakfast

presented by the Rendezvous Sponsor Family

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?  We are pleased to announce that your Saturday morning breakfast options just got a whole lot better.  Nope, you no longer need to wade into the craziness at the Cafe; nor do you need to fire up your campstove up and toast that tired bagel.  Thanks to the American Alpine Club, all you need to do is grab your cup, plate and fork and wander over to the tent village.  Remember the old progressive dinner party concept?  Participating sponsors will be at their tents whipping up something to get you going–all you do is stroll around and grab what you want.

Special thanks to Brittany Griffith for bringing us what we think is the best idea in years!


so far the menu includes…

American Alpine Club:                   Nutella Crepes and Cafe au Lait
Trango:                                              Bacon
Patagonia:                                         Eggs
Mountain Khakis:                           Pop-Tarts
Petzl                                                   Stone Ground Grits
Mammut                                           Souped up Home Fries
New River Alliance of Climbers:  Pastries
Black Diamond                                Orange Juice and Aspirin
Metolius                                            Sneak Attack–come by and find out…and bring a cup
Access Fund/Restop                      Prunes & bite size Snickers…you’ll figure it out when you get there…
Misty Mountain                              Goose’s Mean Muesli

stay tuned:  more sponsors are coming on board all the time…