Bouldering Pad Sumo Wrestling

Sponsored by Metolius

WHAT THE HELL IS BOULDERING PAD SUMO WRESTLING? You’ll just have to come and find out.

The original idea was brought to us a few years ago by Ben Montgomery (Earth Treks route setter). Okay, here’s the idea. Get in your bouldering pad. Yes, that’s right…IN! You may need some help so bring a few friends. Extra padding is encouraged. Helmets are provided and required. After you are appropriately padded, you and all your similarly swathed competitors will assemble in the middle of a large circle in front of a large group of incredulous spectators and proceed to bash the heck out of each other, trying to knock them down, or out of the ring. Test your brawn if not your brains… Who will be the last pad standing in the ring????

Winners of both division get a Metolius Bouldering pad!!

  • Sign up at Hospitality Tent, 5-6, Saturday. First 25 will get to wrestle
  • Waivers! Gotta sign one to participate. Available at Hospitality Tent
  • Helmets! We’ll provide ’em!
  • Taping starts at 8:00. Women’s division at 8:30, Men’s at 8:45.
  • Participate at your own risk.

Thanks to Metolius for sponsoring what not all companies have the nerve to sponsor!Metolius also provides chalk for the entire weekend!!!!!