Volunteers Have More Fun! Come On and Join the Crew!

We’re dialing in the volunteer program for 2010. We’re scaling back the number of volunteers to the core team who’ve been helping for years, hooking them up with schwag from the sponsors in exchange for a bigger role in the event. We want you to take ownership for this baby and make it yours to make it all work in a manageable way.

This is how it works:
A 12 HOUR COMMITMENT over the course of the weekend will get you the following:

  • Free entry to the event.
  • Mountain Hardwear Tech T, a step up from the comp Wicked T’s
  • Mountain Khaki shorts

If you’ve volunteered at the Vous before then contact volunteer coordinator Megan Stark

Check out the following options. Shift times will vary.

  • Event set up (Thurs. and Fri.–set up tents, climbing wall, PA sytem etc…)
  • Parking/campground management
  • Greeter (are you extroverted? like people? This would be good for you!)
  • Hospitality Tent staff
  • Dessertapalooza staff (Fri. night)
  • Comp Registration
  • Bouldering comp management (familiar with the bouldering scene around here? we can use you!)
  • Bartending (we have 3 bars: beer, vodka and Red Bull and no-booze–take your pick)
  • Silent Auction staff
  • Party Management
  • Pancake breakfast staff
  • Recycling/Trash staff
  • Parking
  • Crowd Control & Security
  • Midnight Snack
  • Sumo Pad staff
  • Event Breakdown & Cleanup
  • Food Servers
  • Sponsor Assistants